About us

From the very beginning, the core of our expertise has been one of the “true wonders of nature”, the ingenious honeycomb structure that combines light weight and strength in an ideal way.

From 1973 to today

Potma Oy was founded in Säkylä, Finland, in 1973. The business idea was to manufacture hexagonal pots made of paper for growing seedlings. Our company name Potma is actually an abbreviation of ‘pot maker’. Since the 1970’s, we have specialised in the development of this honeycomb structure for a number of applications.

Innovating the core

Potma moved to Pello, Finnish Lapland, in 1983. At the turn of the millennium, our production was modernised and diversified, but the core of our expertise – the ingenious honeycomb structure – remained the same. We focused on innovating customised honeycomb structures for various fields in which the light-weight and self-supporting structure of materials are a must.

Going global from the Arctic Circle

We have invested heavily in expanding our product range and automation in the 2000’s. As a result, Potma’s business have grown in several markets: honeycomb panels made in the Arctic Circle can nowadays be found in the walls, ceilings and interior decoration materials of luxury cruise ships, offshore drilling rigs, lifts, clean rooms and trains. We also manufacture marking tapes for ice sports.

Customers close to our heart

We are proud of the quality of our products, our reliable deliveries and our ability to quickly respond to the needs of each individual customer. We do not have prefabricated solutions; instead, every delivery is customised to the specifications of each customer. Potma is a family business: we keep our customers close to our heart and combine a high level of automation with high quality and reliable delivery.

A northern pioneer

Potma, established in 1973, has been able to meet the challenges of changing markets.

We have been able to utilise our experience in innovating new solutions to our customers, whilst always remembering our roots and core expertise.

Potma’s success story is proof that a business operating in the Arctic Circle can succeed in a specialised market.