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Potmacore panel bend test

Research report NO VTT-S-03561-06,
Flexural strength 100 kg/m2.

Different Potmacore panel types with different thicknesses are supported at various bearing distances, while the panel is pressed steadily with a constant load of 100 kg/m2, after which the bend is measured. There will be no permanent deformation; instead, the panel, after the test, returns to its level form.

Potmacore panel strength test

Permanent deformation after the test.

Performed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Chart for strength test:

  • vertical axel is the load on top of the panel
  • horizontal axel is the thickness (h) of the panel
  • colour of the line shows what is the supporting/
    binding interval behind the panel

Sound insulation for Potmacore panels

Potmacore square meter weights

Theoretical square meter weights for different panel types and thicknesses.

Stock sheet plates

Thickness 0.5 / 0.7 / 1 mm (S1 / S2)

  • EN AW 3005 pre-treated
  • EN AW 5005/5754 pre-treated

Other types also available upon request.

Honeycomb core

Standart core material, EN AW 3003 pre-treated.

Honeycomb core cell diameters (d) divided by product types.

  • Potmacore 096 d = 9.6 mm
  • Potmacore 128 d = 12.8 mm
  • Potmacore 192 d = 19.2 mm

Other types also available upon request.

Panel dimensions

Total thicknesses of the honeycomb panels (h=) from 6 mm > 100 mm “stepless” and without min. order quantity per thickness.

Width (w) from 1 000 to 1 500 mm
Length (l) from 2 000 to 4 000 mm

Panels cut to wanted delivery dimensions upon request.


Sheet plates and core mesh are joined with weatherproof adhesive.

Also possible optional surfaces (e.g. hpl-laminates) are joined with weatherproof adhesive.


You find the certificates of our different products here.

Potmacore panels are certificated for maritime, construction and railway industries.