The eco-friendly Potma Novaset marking products are developed for ice sports venues.

Novaset is an internationally established ice marking series, which has been developed in cooperation with ice sports professionals. Potma Oy has delivered Novaset marking tapes i.a. 500 NHL venues.

The colours remain bright and the materials are designed to suit specific application environments for the entire lifespan of the product.

On request, the marking products can be tailored in accordance with customer specifications.

Novaset product family

Novaset products are manufactured from high quality non-woven fabric, which facilitates the easy application of the ice markings onto ice hockey, bandy and curling



The material used is a porous non-woven fabric that is permeable to water. Novaset markings are bright and distinct.


Every package, except bandy, includes official markings for two rinks with ready-to-install lines and figures.


Any regulation changes are immediately incorporated in the manufacturing of the marking series, ensuring that Novaset markings are always up-to-date.

An exacting result, quickly

Novaset marking tapes are applied to level bottom ice with the help of water and a spread roller. The application requires a temperature of only –2 degrees Celsius.


Novaset marking tapes bend smoothly into arches and do not leave any air bubbles. With the use of Novaset products, the rink is ready to go within two hours.

Novaset marking tapes bends well in curves, no air bubbles are formed either. With Novaset tapes you get the venue markings ready in a couple of hours.