The most common and used Potmacore application is a honeycomb structure which consists of an aluminium honeycomb core and aluminium surface boards attached to it.

Potmacore honeycomb panel is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable product with  ready epoxy-primered surfaces. This allows for laminates, coatings or paint to be easily applied.

Our modern, fully automated coating line enables also setting different sheet and roller surfaces on the honeycomb panel. The most commonly used coatings are hpl – and hgf – laminates and pvc – vinyl.

We also deliver pre-painted surfaces with a temporary surface protection films. As a stock color we have RAL9010 (gloss level 30-35), other colors also available upon request.

Another Potmacore application is an aluminium honeycomb core without the surface board. We deliver it either an opened net or an unopened pack.

Our main areas of specialization

Offshore and Onshore building

  • Cruise ships; staircases, flat roofs, frames for bathroom facilities, other public areas
  • Oil rigs; furniture frames
  • Life-circle services; renovations and modernisations

Special building

  • Lift industry
  • Constructors of clean rooms and facilities
  • System manufacturers

Construction industry

  • facades
  • modular units
  • damp spaces

Transport industry

  • Furnishment of railway fleet
  • Equipment manufacturers for loading bays

The thicknesses of the honeycomb panels can be selected according to the needs of the customer from 6 mm up. We provide various panel lengths and widths with different core diameters depending on the application.

Our easy-to-install, lightweight, rigid and fire safe products with their corrosion-tolerant structure are very cost-efficient.