Our company

Potma Oy was grounded in Säkylä, south of Finland, in 1973. The business idea was to manufacture and market ECOPOT for growing seedlings. Our company name ‘Potma’ originates from the term ‘pot maker’ .

The company was transferred to Pello, north of Finland, in 1983 when we also invested in a new production line. The world market for growing pots changed in the 1990’s, and the ownership of the company changed at the end of the year 2002. Then we also reviewed and updated the business idea.

We remodelled our production system and products to answer for totally new market areas without forgetting our core competence – honeycomb structure.

In 2005 we invested in new production machinery, which enabled manufacturing of various aluminium honeycomb cores. This investment opened the way to weight-restricted products for Onshore and Offshore markets. That was the time when we delivered our first shipments for maritime industry.

From that moment onwards, Potma has grown its business into several market areas, different aluminium honeycomb cores as our main product and as an additional product various marking tapes for ice sports. Over the years, we have made several big investments, i.a. broadening the product assortment and higher use of automation.

These days, Potma is known as a genuinely flexible, quick and customer-orientated actor. The traditional humane values of a family-run company are naturally combined with high automation, quality and delivery accurance.